Foot Sealers

Pedal-operated thermostatic sealer

Voltage: 220

Number of Phases: 1

Frequency (Hertz): 50

Power Draw (Watts): 350

Seal Length (mm): 300

Seal Width (mm): 15

Seal Thickness (PE) (microns): 800

Seal Thickness (PP) (microns): 200

Net Mass (kg): 21

Packed Mass (kg): 22

Packed Length (cm): 80

Packed Width (cm): 56

Packed Height (cm): 26

Thermostatic Foot sealer – DD300 - Seal length 300mm

Thermostatic Jaw-type Foot Sealer with 15mm width of seal

A robust sealer like this is intended for sealing laminated (paper+plastic / foil+plastic) bags, in a production environment, with the operator seated (if the height/orientation of the jaw does not suit your needs, take a look at our semi-automatic sealers). This sealer is capable of the repetitive demands of production type usage. It is fitted with steel teeth 15mm wide (which should not be used on soft plastic, as the plastic may melt and dirty the metal) and the steel teeth are maintained at the selected temperature by intermittent heating, controlled by a thermostat, and applied through long-lasting elements without the need for a transformer. This thermostatic approach to sealing is most efficiently used for batches of work, or for production line work, where the operator seals pre-filled bags without pausing to fill or do other tasks in-between sealing. It is meant to warm-up, do a batch of work (or a day of work) and then cool off.
If you wish to make bags from a roll of tubing, one of our sealers which have sharp cutting blades would be better. To use this sealer to make bags from tubing, use scissors, or use a box-cutter knife and a plank, to cut from the tubing.
There are other models of sealer, different from this one, intended for centre-folded film. To use this sealer to make bags from a roll of centre-folded film – would be clumsy.

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Shorter Seal: HZ200H Hand Sealer

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Wider Seal: Custom Custom-made Sealer

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