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Seal Width (mm): 22

Net Mass (kg): 4

Packed Mass (kg): 5

Packed Length (cm): 50

Packed Width (cm): 18

Packed Height (cm): 12

Hand Strap Tool Set – P105 - Hand Strap Tool Set

Hand Strap Tool Set

Use with hand-strapping HY1515 and metal seals PK0086, to strap boxes or pallets if the throughput does not justify the capital outlay on a PW316HS semi-automatic strapping machine. If even this unit is more than your need is worth (if you are looking for a cheaper option), buy the aforementioned hand-strapping and metal seals (buckles) from us, and have one person pull tight while another crimps the metal seal with a vice-grip tool which you can buy from a hardware store.


The P105 hand strap tool set includes one tensioner (silver/green/red&black device pictured), and one crimper (silver&white device pictured). The samples of hand-strapping and metal seals pictured, are not part of the tool set.


Use of the 3 products

Quick, if practiced, and done with logical, efficient use of each hand. The instructions below are detailed, for maximum speed, or they would be shorter (maybe we just want you to give up and buy a PW0860A fully-automatic strapping machine).

  1. Slip one of the PK0086 metal seals onto the end of the HY1515 strapping. Pull the strapping through the metal seal and over/around the pallet or box to be strapped.
  2. With right hand, press down the silver lever opposite end from the red knob of the tensioner unit, and clamp the end of the strapping under the black clamp which opens up, with the end pointing toward the red knob. Clamp it with 10cm sticking out.
  3. Move right hand to black lever, press tensioner unit flat against box/pallet, and with left hand pull red knob away from right hand, and hold in pulled position (note that the other black clamp has opened).
  4. With right hand, let go of black lever, pull metal seal to your right (towards roll of strapping), then (still with right hand) pull strap tight, and clamp under the open black clamp.
  5. Using left hand, move metal seal back to the left. With right hand, feed end of strap into metal seal.
  6. With strongest hand, crank the red knob to right hand side a few times. When releasing to your left, for repeated cranking, do not press it firmly, or the left side clamp will release the strapping.
  7. With one hand on each white knob of the crimper unit, open the crimper, apply the crimping teeth to the metal seal, and crimp the seal.
  8. Slip the strapping into the cutter that is attached to the black lever of the tensioner, lift the black lever and cut the strapping off the roll.
  9. With right hand pressing silver lever down, and left hand pressing green crank arm down, pull the tensioner unit free from under the strapping.
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