Strapping Machines

Voltage: 220

Number of Phases: 1

Frequency (Hertz): 50

Power Draw (Watts): 900

Net Mass (kg): 250

Packed Mass (kg): 260

Packed Length (cm): 155

Packed Width (cm): 80

Packed Height (cm): 95

Dribble-tolerant Fully-automatic Strapping Machine - PW0660YTR

Fully-automatic Strapping Machine

A dribble-tolerant fully-automatic strapping machine is intended for making a pack secure with plastic (polypropylene) strapping, in an automated production-line environment which is unfriendly to the more usual designs.
It has advantages in less-automated environments, also.
The pack needs to fit through the arch, which has inside width of 600mm and inside height of 485mm.
The advantages of this model are:
• Less need for labour.
• Can be adapted to run unmanned.
• Quicker operation (28 straps per minute).
• Design specifications and build quality even better than our well-known PW316HS.
• Apply tension up to 90kg.
• Suited for 24-hour continuous operation.
• No lubrication or maintenance service required.
Some examples are: refrigerated or moist environments; dusty environments; requirement to strap goods from which liquid or particles may fall. In such environments, the falling liquids or particles are less likely to settle into the mechanism of this model, than they would be to settle into the mechanism of the standard machine.
With fully -automatic strapping machines, there is no need for an operator to reach a hand over the top of the pack.
When buying a strapping machine, keep in mind that the cost of using a machine in an unfriendly environment will be about 15 cents per box (for 2 straps per box). This will be true, whether you select a Packway machine, or a machine made with inferior components. The Packway dribble-tolerant fully -automatic strapping machine is far less likely to break down in an unfriendly environment, than are most other brands of machine that are readily available in Africa. It is also less likely to break down in an unfriendly environment, than is a less dribble- tolerant model of machine.
The care of the machine is simple:
After each day of operation, open the cabinet and clean inside machine with a clean paintbrush, or by using compressed air. Use a clean cloth to dry wet areas.
Use the strapping we import from Taiwan, or use strapping of the same quality {link to JW1208-1}.
If the machine makes a loud or unusual noise, or misbehaves in any way, do not continue to use it, until we have advised you to continue.
With our strapping machine, cared for as mentioned above, your overall cost per box will be less than with most other machines, and you will have few disruptions of production.

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