Shrink Machines

Voltage: 220

Number of Phases: 1

Frequency (Hertz): 50

Power Draw (Watts): 7500

Net Mass (kg): 140

Packed Mass (kg): 150

Packed Length (cm): 130

Packed Width (cm): 70

Packed Height (cm): 85

Shrink Tunnel – CN4530A - Standard Shrink Tunnel

Standard Shrink Tunnel

When ordering this product: also order shrink film!

CN4520A is a smaller option. Next size up is CN6540P

A shrink tunnel like this is intended for shrinking small packs at a quick rate (conveyor can run at 12m/minute).
Size capacity of this model
Entrance width is 400mm, height 300mm.
Packs with width 380mm, height 280mm will comfortably fit through entrance.
Temperature range is approximately 0-400°C, controlled by variable capacitor adjustment knobs, with the adjustment monitored on meters which show the voltage applied to the heater tubes.
Infra-red heater tubes radiate heat at a frequency which does not penetrate into product (different from the lower-frequency radiation of your microwave oven). The heat makes the plastic shrink tightly around the pack as the outer plastic absorbs the energy.
When replacing an existing tunnel of same model, you may choose to re-use the legs and castor wheels from your old tunnel. These items are separately priced.
Another option is a mesh conveyor, as alternate to the standard (roller) conveyor. The rollers on the standard conveyor rotate, which is handy when shrinking cylindrical packs (e.g. individual bottles).

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