Semi-Auto Sealers

Voltage: 220

Number of Phases: 1

Frequency (Hertz): 50

Power Draw (Watts): 750

Seal Length (mm): 400 + 400

Seal Width (mm): 10

Seal Thickness (PE) (microns): 200

Seal Thickness (PP) (microns): 100

Vacuum Sealer – DZ400A - for 2-6 bags

Vacuum Sealer

This sealer holds 2 or more bags in the chamber, pumps (most of) the air out of the chamber (and thus also out of the bags), then seals the bags and lets the air back into the chamber.

A vacuum sealer like this, is used most commonly for foodstuff. This type of sealer only requires standard vacuum bags, not expensive imported bags.

If the bags to be sealed are small, then 4, or even 6 bags may be vacuumed and sealed in one operation, which spreads the cost of operating the sealer (10-15c per operation) over more of the bags of product.

Even with large bags, this sealer’s capability of sealing at least 2, halves it’s cost-per-bag and time-per-bag (cycle time is approx 30 seconds).

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