Hand Sealers

Voltage: 220

Number of Phases: 1

Frequency (Hertz): 50

Power Draw (Watts): 600

Seal Length (mm): 440

Seal Width (mm): 0,3

Seal Thickness (PE) (microns): 250

Seal Thickness (PP) (microns): 100

Net Mass (kg): 14,5

Packed Mass (kg): 15

Packed Length (cm): 72

Packed Width (cm): 45

Packed Height (cm): 23

YC450HL - Factory Hand Sealer

Hand (operated) impulse sealer without sharp blade

A sealer like this is intended for making plastic bags, from a roll of centre-folded film, in a production environment. It contains a power transformer which is capable of the repetitive demands of this type of usage. This sealer is fitted with a round element, which melts though both layers of film, welding them together in the process. One or more items can be inserted into the bag before it is formed, and the bag can be formed to closely fit the item(s) inside. After this, the bag can be sealed closed, and, if desired, multiple items bagged, can be separated into smaller bags using the sealer. In this way, wide plastic can be used for small items, with little waste of material.
If you wish to make bags from a roll of tubing, one of our sealers which have sharp cutting blades would be recommended. This sealer is not optimally designed for tubing.
This sealers element is covered with a heat-resistant fabric which is coated with non-stick PTFE – from which soft plastic can be wiped easily.
An impulse-type sealer like this one – consumes power when sealing – very little power at all when merely switched on. This makes it suitable for intermittent use. There is no need to batch the sealing work or wait minutes for warm-up or cool-down before or after making seals.
On impulse sealers, the elements and insulating sheets (Teflon) are consumable. Order a spare pack of elements, and a roll of 13mm Nitto insulation with the sealer.

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